Myke Clements, is a Christian solo artist who creates a variety of music; from intense and experimental beats to a tamer (yet still excellent) acoustic/folk album; but Rome wasn’t created in a day and nor was Myke’s impressive array of styles; he too began with humble beginnings.

He first played in a hardcore band by the name of Hepafilter from 2008 to 2011, then went on to release music in 2012 under the name Ambience in Motion and finally produced his first album “Biters and Roamers: Chronicles of the Undead,” in 2013 (which is available on Bandcamp).

In August of 2015 Myke released "No Worry, No Sorrow"; a fusion of rock and big band, which is so powerful that he doesn’t need words to convey the beautiful meaning and honest themes.

Listening to songs like T​he Return Home and V​ictory Us,​ it’s easy to see that Myke is a master with manipulating the music and producing captivating tunes. The perfectly distributed doses of alternative sound creates mesmerizing tracks, that can be thought of only as breathtakingly unique.

On the heals of "No Worry, No Sorrow" Myke released his second instrumental album "The Thundering Quiet" and massively cinematic blending of synthesizers and orchestra instruments. "The Thundering Quiet" could be thought of as a Film Score without a Film.