From Production Diary

Whaoh-Oh We’re Halfway There!

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to update you on the status of my upcoming album. It’s halfway done!

Well, the music is at least. I’m still a long ways away on the other aspects, i.e. distribution, artwork, and marketing.

Here’s what I can reveal:

  • There will be 10 songs on the album. 9 original instrumentals and one cover of a hymn.
  • Its very rock and roll, but with a heavy Big Band influence.
  • It’s very happy, no sad depressing songs here, event the softer songs still have a positive outlook.
  • I have a name, that will be revealed this week! WOOP.
  • There are two songs out now, that you can go get for free over on my Bandcamp page.
  • It’s gonna rock.
  • And I love you guys!