I Have a Title! and an Album Cover

Hello Friends,


I’m super excited that tomorrow, I will be announcing the title for my new album coming and revealing the cover art. I’m really happy with it and I’m very excited to share it with you.

I wanted to update you on a few things as far as production is concerned. I have 7 songs, written, tracked, mixed and mastered! WOOP!

I’m currently working on my eighth which I would say is about 70% tracked.

I also have some song titles for you! Here is what is done so far!


  1. Modern Vintage
  2. Bounce
  3. Rest
  4. Victory Us (Available now at Bandcamp)
  5. Go
  6. ?????
  7. Peace (I’m working on this one literally as I’m typing)
  8. ?????
  9. The Return Home (Also available on Bandcamp)
  10. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

Check back tomorrow for the Cover Reveal AND the Album Title!!!!