The Layover Album Art

The Layover

In November 2016 I was #laidoff from my job. It was a challenging time that left me reeling and in an odd place. On the one hand I knew that God was in it, that it was part of his plan. On the other hand, I was going “what the heck happened to me?” For …

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Track by Track – 08 – C183

Children 18:3 is one of my favorite bands. They are an awesome trio of siblings that made some of the best punk and roll I’ve ever heard. It’s an awesome blend of punk rock sensibilities and true rock and roll spirit. Sadly, they just released their last album. This track is a tribute to them …

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Track by Track – 05 – Go

Right from the get go this song was fun to record. I love the little verse riff with the mirroring horns. Every time I listen to the little run I do a little dance in time with the hits. I also got to incorporate some arpegiated synthesizers and my favorite organ sound to give the …

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Track by Track – 04 – Victory Us

“Beautiful harmonics, and bittersweet sounds and dreamy spice makes this instrumental music take you away to your dreams. I can imagine this track as a perfect match for travelling movie soundtrack. Perfect performance and production.” – Music Eye Reviews This was the first song I wrote for this album and kicked off the whole thing. …

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Track by Track – 03 – Rest

Alright, time to take a break. At least from the driving fast rock music, and take a rest. What’s funny is that I wrote this song at a time in my life when I wasn’t getting much rest. We were heavy into Easter prep at church and I was pulling late nights working on videos …

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