Track by Track – 02 – Bounce

I really like this song, mostly because I was able to get a software instrument to sound like an actual bassist picking up and down. Like all of the songs on this record, the first guitar riff you hear is what I had first. Everything is built on the spine of that driving bouncing up and …

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Just a few Updates!

Hello Friends! I just wanted to let you know of a few developments! My entire discography (Except for the new album of course) is now available on Spotify for streaming fun. (I’d love a follow!) My discography is also available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play. Tomorrow will be the first day you …

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Release Date!

Ok folks, I’m close enough to being done with the record to announce a release date!! Woop! Woop! No Worry, No Sorrow is coming to digital shelves everywhere, June 23, 2015 So, what’s next? Well every Tuesday I’ll be putting out a song from the album, with a really cool write up of the history …

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Download a high resolution  version of the album cover

No Worry, No Sorrow

Well folks, here it is, the title for my upcoming album. No Worry, No Sorrow Why this name? Well, I think it really fits with the musical themes and the heart behind the album. Several years ago, I had written a song and sent it to my friend to check it out. It wasn’t a …

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Whaoh-Oh We’re Halfway There!

Hello Friends, I just wanted to update you on the status of my upcoming album. It’s halfway done! Well, the music is at least. I’m still a long ways away on the other aspects, i.e. distribution, artwork, and marketing. Here’s what I can reveal: There will be 10 songs on the album. 9 original instrumentals …

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Victory Us – The Video

Victory Us is a full band orchestra featuring an upbeat bluesy guitar riff, bright poppy strings and a killer brass lead line. The title is a play on the word Victorious, the first time I played a version of it for someone, the first thing they described it as was victorious and triumphant. So the …

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