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No Worry, No Sorrow Album Stream and Paintings

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. Since No Worry, No Sorrow is an instrumental album, I want to do something different for the album artwork. I have some friends who are outstanding painters, so I asked them to listen to the music, and try to capture their feelings while they painted. They crushed it! I’m so happy that they were willing to help because the artwork really take this project to a whole new level!


Also! You can now preview the entire album in the embedded Youtube playlist above!

1. Modern Vintage – Painting by Catalina Garcia

2. Bounce – Painting by Catalina Garcia02_Bounce-copy

3. Rest – Painting by Catalina Garcia 03_Rest-copy

4. Victory Us – Painting by Catalina Garcia04_VictoryUs-copy

5. Go – Painting by Catalina Garcia

6. Have Peace… – Painting by Brigette Bush

7. …For There is Hope – Painting by Brigette Bush

8. C183 – Painting by Brigette Bush

9. The Return Home – Painting by Brigette Bush

10. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus – Painting by Brigette Bush