Track by Track – 04 – Victory Us

“Beautiful harmonics, and bittersweet sounds and dreamy spice makes this instrumental music take you away to your dreams. I can imagine this track as a perfect match for travelling movie soundtrack. Perfect performance and production.”
– Music Eye Reviews
This was the first song I wrote for this album and kicked off the whole thing. Through this song I really learned how to manipulate software instruments, in fact the only “real” instrument you hear are the guitar parts. I loved working on this song.
It was also my first time using my Akai MPK, which proved itself invaluable in the process of recording the album.
Where did the name come from? Well the first person I played it for said that it sounded victorious. And so the name kinda stuck (after a little tweaking, of course).
I could imagine this track as the soundtrack to the opening credits of a little indie comedy.