Track by Track – 06 & 07 – Have Peace…For There Is Hope

I’m putting both of these songs together because they are two parts to the same story.
If I had to sum up this album in one word, it would be Peace. It’s the heart and soul of this work. It’s something many of us lack, we often become so overwhelmed with the worries and stress of our lives that we burry ourselves in fret-filled work. Like an over steeped tea bag, that dwelling can leave us bitter and broken.
However, there is hope.
Several years ago, I was in a situation where I really needed a miracle. I was laying in bed, running it through my mind. How is this ever going to be fixed? How do I get myself out of this massive hole I’d dug for myself. I couldn’t sleep. Every time I would close my eyes, they’d snap back open and I would stare at the ceiling. I laid there just staring, sinking into that darkness that often times feels like a warm blanket. I think our flesh likes worry, likes fretting. As if we say, “Well I can’t control the situation I’m in, but I can at least sit here and think up a way I CAN control it.”
After several house of tossing and turning and staring. I had a thought, hey dummy, why don’t you go try that prayer thing your parents are always talking about?
So I got up, grabbed my iPod and found a quite place and put on some worship music. It then started just pouring out all of the pent up frustrations and worry I had been feeling. I called out to God saying, “Where are you? This bible I claim to believe in says that you won’t see us forsaken. I’m feeling forsaken now!” Like a volcano I erupted with all of my thoughts, doubts, fears, and sorrow.
A little while later, I moved to just praise. Singing along loudly with the iPod. My anger and acusational tone gone, and just praise and thanks.
Then, I felt something in my spirit.
There is Hope:
It felt like Aloe on a sunburn. The cooling peace of God washed over me. I didn’t have my miracle, but it was like the burden of it had been removed from me. The burden still existed, but I was no longer carrying it, God was. I then went back to my room and sleep like a log.
Then next morning I had my miracle.
In the turbulent times and in the darkness, reach out to God. Let him bear your burdens, I can guarantee, he’s stronger than you can imagine. This track is a reflection of my Joy at watching God show off in my life. His miraculous intervention in this instance was the first time I had seen God intervene directly in my life. It changed my perspective on God, that he is the truest friend, the best father and he loves you!