Track by Track – 09 – The Return Home

This song was the second single I released for this album. And has a special place in my heart. See, the brass and string riffs in the chorus section remind me of westerns. I love westerns, this appreciation was passed down to me by my father. I can’t tell you how many Saturday or Sunday afternoons I would come into the living room to see my Dad watching a move (well, parts of it at least, most of the time he would be napping) on TNT. Usually it would be some movie from the late 80’s or early 90’s (before my time) and I’d sit and watch with him.
One of our favorite genres were westerns. I loved the idea of a lone gunman arriving in town, clearing out the bad guys, getting the girl and changing his ways, or moving on to another town. The heroism and the awesomeness of the movie version of the Old West captivated me.
This song was my attempt to make a modern sounding western soundtrack. The bouncy, verse reminds me of an intense shoot out between our hero and the villain at the climax of the movie. Then at the chorus; triumphantly, and epically the hero returns to the town riding on his trusty steed with the villain in tow, drops the villain off at the jail, sweeps the girl onto his horse, kisses her and rides off into the sunset.