Track by Track – 10 – Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

I love this song. Not just my arrangement of it, but the song itself. I love old hymns in general, but this song is special to me. The inspiration for adding a non instrumental song to this record came from the band Lights & Motion. On their first album, the last song was the only song with lyrics and vocals and it was a wonderful surprise cap to the album.
For this album I wanted to do something similar, however I wanted it to be a reimagining of a song I loved. I almost accidentally stumbled on this song one day while playing it and I sang it in a different way than I normally did. In a flash I set up my mics, dialed in a tempo and laid down the guitar and vocals.
After adding in the strings, and a few other atmospheric elements, I was happy with the song. There isn’t much variation in it, however thats what I love about it. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and with a low key arrangement, the message and heart of the song is allowed to really shine.