Folsom River Sunrise

Sometimes, you just have to get up early and get out of the house to take pictures! This was one of those days. I loaded up my gear and headed out to Folsom to go to this cool spot I had scoped out on the American River. I had a great time and a little company in the form of a goose that wasn’t 100% sure if it was cool with me being there. We eventually struck up an agreement that I don’t go near it, and it doesn’t attack me!

California Highway

So, I had the opportunity to do some work down in Los Angeles and I jumped at the chance to go and help my old church revamp their live streaming and lighting set up. On the way down Highway 5, there are a few overlook locations. I quickly pulled off the road and popped the drone up in the air and pulled out my tripod to see what I could get! These are some of my current favorite images!

Sly Park

So for the past little bit, I’ve been at home for a good chunk of the day. We’re currently living with our in-laws and they have the house cleaned every other Wednesday.

It’s hard having two little children in the house while they’re cleaning, so I loaded up my oldest and we just took off for a drive. We drove east on the 50 out of Sacramento and ended up and this cool park called Sly Park out past Placerville. I let OJ get out and run around a little and we just admired the snow-capped mountains.