A Trip Downtown at Sunset

I love taking pictures of bridges. With the right sky, and lighting, man, you can get some jaw dropping images! Here in Sacramento there is a really nice one called the Tower Bridge. It’s this yellow drawbridge that spans the Sacramento river and leads directly to the State Capitol building. There was a Friday night where I had been itching to get out and do some photography and with the summer sunsets being late I thought that I would have a nice window to put our two daughters down for the night and still get out and shoot the bridge at golden hour. 

I’m happy to report that, I managed to get out there and get set up just in time to get a few stunning shots. I was even able to take what is probably my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. It’s this awesome, long exposure HDR photo of the bridge with some great colors and fortuitous timing of a truck driving by at the exact right moment!

I hope you enjoy this little trip downtown at sunset!

Interesting Sights On the Way to Pioneer, CA

My video production company Focus Video had a job out in Pioneer California, about two hours outside of Sacramento. It was a great day recording a promo video for a storage company in a town I had never visited. I got a great recommendation for a cool place to stop on my way home so I grabbed my camera and did a little walking around and snapped a few good photos.