My Favorite Place on Earth

My family has been visiting Pismo Beach and several other surrounding cities on the central coast for about 23 years now. It’s become my favorite place on earth, and the place that feels the most like home. I even wrote a little piece about it here:

So when we had a tiny little window to get in and go for a week, we jumped at the chance. Of course, I brought my camera gear to hopefully snap a few great pics!

Enjoy Some of my Favorites!

Interesting Sights On the Way to Pioneer, CA

My video production company Focus Video had a job out in Pioneer California, about two hours outside of Sacramento. It was a great day recording a promo video for a storage company in a town I had never visited. I got a great recommendation for a cool place to stop on my way home so I grabbed my camera and did a little walking around and snapped a few good photos.