A Photo Excursion to Auburn

My wife and I had the rare chance to venture out sans kids (Love them to death, but sometimes you just gotta take your girl and get away!) so we decided to do some photo exploring.

So, of course, we headed up to a great spot here in Northern California called the Auburn State Recreation Park. It was super hot and we didn’t really put on enough sunscreen so we just hung out in one spot to take some nice pictures of the river!

Folsom River Sunrise

Sometimes, you just have to get up early and get out of the house to take pictures! This was one of those days. I loaded up my gear and headed out to Folsom to go to this cool spot I had scoped out on the American River. I had a great time and a little company in the form of a goose that wasn’t 100% sure if it was cool with me being there. We eventually struck up an agreement that I don’t go near it, and it doesn’t attack me!

California Highway

So, I had the opportunity to do some work down in Los Angeles and I jumped at the chance to go and help my old church revamp their live streaming and lighting set up. On the way down Highway 5, there are a few overlook locations. I quickly pulled off the road and popped the drone up in the air and pulled out my tripod to see what I could get! These are some of my current favorite images!

Sly Park

So for the past little bit, I’ve been at home for a good chunk of the day. We’re currently living with our in-laws and they have the house cleaned every other Wednesday.

It’s hard having two little children in the house while they’re cleaning, so I loaded up my oldest and we just took off for a drive. We drove east on the 50 out of Sacramento and ended up and this cool park called Sly Park out past Placerville. I let OJ get out and run around a little and we just admired the snow-capped mountains.