The Layover

In November 2016 I was #laidoff from my job. It was a challenging time that left me reeling and in an odd place. On the one hand I knew that God was in it, that it was part of his plan. On the other hand, I was going "what the heck happened to me?" For the three months I was unemployed I lived in that tension.
These songs are the result of all that time off.
The name comes from the idea that a layover on a flight is this weird place where you are technically traveling, but you aren't actively moving forward to your destination.
This season was a layover, I knew that God had something great for me and I was technically traveling towards it, but I wasn't making forward progress at the time.
What's interesting about these types of seasons is that usually there's something in it that's shaping you. There's a growth in what feels like a stunting.
God was working in the area of pride in my life, pride in my gifts, pride in my work ethic, pride in my ability to #bringhomethebacon, pride in being a five talent servant.

It wasn't until I laid down that pride, and placed my identity not in what I could do, but in what God did for me on the #cross, that I found work.

This season was also a huge blessing to me, full of rest, and an increased ability to help out at the church.
I also experienced an explosion of creativity, with lyrics that had always been a struggle to write pouring out of me. Many of my favorite songs on this album were the result of God directing me through constant #happyaccidents.
I would be attacking a song from the angle I thought I should, only to hit walls and then in the process stumbling on something that sounded even better.